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Electricity from Water - The AKWAYA Project

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AHAN, Fashion Show 2012

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Iceland Slide Show

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Na, das faengt ja gut an
Heimat, was ist das
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Dolls, Toys and More

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Traditional Culture and Future Development

Communication and Information

This article is an effort to sketch the importance of communication and Information and their development in voluntary project work within self-help-projects including measures for practical project work, various types of artisanship  (Handicrafts)[1]  and appropriate technology (Approrpriate Technology)[2], for which appropriate space and implementation was also to be organized.[3]

The long-standing project work of many years is also a mirror of technological developments in "C & I".[4]

A number of overlappings were evident between artisanship, technology and art according to the way the projects were implemented on and off the location.[5]

The first project publications were made, for example, using an IBM composer in the beginning of the 90's.[6]

These were followed by long-standing experiences with the Apple Macintosh and its usage. Improvements in Windows made possible the use of PC's and led to still easier designing of  appropriate products (Cards, Flyer, Poster, Banner, Sticker).[7]

The international project work was strongly limited in the beginning and land-line telephone and fax were the only usable means of communication, however increasingly the contents were able to be prepared with expensive devices and software in different techniques and materials (e.g. Internet with Website, Blogs, Internet-Radio). [8]

Specialized work became increasingly necessary and the same was carried out by the staff with the help of volunteer experts (e.g. Animations, Slide-Shows, Audio and Video-Material). [9]

This short summary by any means does not sketch the complete activities, which included the parallel required or emerging side-projects (Youngster-Club, Academic Co-operation) and also not the extent of presentations in the project countries. [10]

Interested readers can find a lot of material in this context in the internet.[11]

DGFK Project - II