The PAK-PPP Archive is the central virtual depot for all projects, which have been initiated or carried out by the DGFK.

Under “Links“ are all websites pertaining to the following topics listed and they can be directly approached from this button.

To the Archive belong links to all “Projects“, which are mostly of artistic nature but also those of technological-scientific types as well as exhibitions of all types..

To these belong also “Projects“ in different regions of the world.

Under “Publications“ you will find all titles, which have an ISBN of the DGFK as well as miscellaneous other articles, which may be scanned or in PDF-Format..

Under “Images“ we have displayed different images from the relevant projects.

“Movies, Videos“ are listed according to title and represent a LINK to the relevant Server.

The portion “Interviews, Music“ is also similar in this respect..

Under "Participants“ are images of persons as well as particulars about persons, publications, exhibitions etc.

“Articles“ contains Essays, Descriptions, Drawings etc. from the area of Art, Science, Technology, Economy, Philosophy from 1971 onwards as far as the authors have already been named.

It should be clear that the Archive is continuously updated. It should also be clear that for legal and security reasons, the entry into the Archive section is only possible for authorized and/or interestzed persons exclusively through mailto:pdp33@hotmail.com.


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